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How do I store my spray millet so that it will stay fresh?
Keep it in a cool dry place and the millet will last a long time. For more on storage please contact us.

How many heads are there to a pound?
This is hard to answer because size is the main factor. Our regular California Golden Spray Millet brand has 10 to 13 heads to the pound. Our Premium Petite™ California Golden Spray Millet brand has a range of 14 to 18+ per pound.

Will my spray millet get bugs?
If you have bugs in your bird food don’t panic! Birds like insects because that is what a lot of birds in the wild feed their young.

How do I get rid of bugs?
Freezing will kill the bugs. If you have a small freezer just put small portions in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for a few days. Remember do not put the treated spray millet back in the box that hasn’t been treated. This will work with any kind of food.

Can I buy direct from you?
Yes, you can if there isn’t a retail store near you.

Are there other California Spray Millet® brand and California Golden Spray Millet® brand?
No, these are brand names that we have registered with the United States Patent Office. We do license businesses to use my trademarks. Please contact us for more information on this subject.

Are you the grower?
Yes, we are the grower of California Spray Millet® brand and California Golden Spray Millet® brand birdseed.

Does the size of the spray millet have anything to do with quality?
No, the size has nothing to do with quality. All the millet is grown from the same seed in the same field at the same time. It is all harvested and stored the same way. The only difference is the size of the spray millet. For more on quality please contact us.

Will my bird like the smaller spray millet as much as the larger spray millet?
Yes, your bird will like it the same. We do research on what wild birds like and do not like to eat. We have fed both the large spray millet and the small spray millet to see if there is a preference. We haven’t seen any preference for size. We feed over two hundred sparrows every winter to see what they like and do not like. They eat a lot of my spray millet. If you would like more information on this please contact us.


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